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What’s a Sunday Service Like?

Sunday morning services are (about) an hour long, and are purposely upbeat, relevant, and authentic. In a typical service:

  • We open with a lively song of praise. Lyrics are projected onto a screen behind the leader, freeing us from holding song books and allowing us to participate by clapping along with the music.
  • Next, a greeter (different each week) welcomes us and briefly discusses what the Lord is doing in his or her life.
  • Following the greeting, the congregation has a brief opportunity to stand and personally greet one another, to draw us together as we go before the Lord.
  • Afterward, we’ll sing a few more songs proclaiming the goodness of our Lord.
  • Then, we’ll share some news – both happy and sad – on behalf of people in our church family, as we fulfill the Biblical mandate to weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice.
  • An offering will be collected to give regular attenders an opportunity to give, as we sing one more song.
  • Next, we’ll hear a sermon that simply and creatively shares a teaching from God’s Word. Our pastor’s style is conversational, and he employs humor, media, and “hands-on” objects to illustrate the truths being taught.
  • The sermon lasts between 20 and 25 minutes. This is the accepted maximum attention span for alert lecture-listening. As Pastor Bruce likes to say, if you haven’t struck oil by then, you might as well stop boring!
  • The message is followed by a set of songs that connect us relationally with God, and give us a chance to express our worship and love to Him.
  • After a few reminders, a customized benediction is delivered to close the service. Those who wish to pray with our prayer team are invited forward, while the rest of the congregation makes its way to the back of the sanctuary for cookies, coffee, and friendly conversation.

We believe that Sunday mornings should embody true celebration. Not silent celebration. Not bizarre celebration. Honest to goodness, this-feels-like-a-privilege-and-not-a-duty celebration. We aspire to make each meeting a fun time to get serious about God.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What about my children?
While you are participating in an energizing worship service, our children’s church trains up kids from nursery to 4th grade in the Ark, which provides a safe, clean, age-appropriate environment. 5th and 6th graders have their class in the Boat Shed (behind the Youth House), and 7th through 9th graders are invited to a meeting in the Youth House (11:00 am service only).

What should I wear?
Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Each service at His Place will see an eclectic range of fashion, from suit and ties to shorts and sandals. The only exception is on the morning of our Family Picnic, when everyone is asked to wear picnic attire!

Will I be singled out if I visit?
No. We won’t make you wear a visitor’s badge or stand up during the service. You can remain as anonymous as you like. But, when you are ready, we encourage you to become involved in one of the many ministries or small groups that are available at the church.

Where can I go if my child is restless during the service?
The Mothers’ Room is available for mothers at the back of the sanctuary for privacy and to care for crying infants. A diaper changing station is provided, along with comfortable rocking chairs.

This room features subdued lighting and a one-way window to provide a private, full view of the service, and built-in speakers to provide volume-controllable music and sound. Please note that the Mothers’ Room is available for ladies only. Dads are welcome to tend to their tots in the lobby entry.

In addition, the nurseries in the Ark are available every Sunday morning for anyone attending services here. Children are treated with T.L.C. in a clean, safe environment while you attend the service. And if your child needs your attention, our paging system can notify you during the service.

The Infant Nursery is located at the large window across from the kitchen in the Ark, and takes babies up to 12 months old. For children 12 to 24 months old (or younger ones who are walking), the Toddler Nursery is available; look for the rainbow entrance outside, near the back of the Ark.

Will I be asked to give money?
No. If you’re visiting His Place, we ask that you pass the offering basket by. You are our guest, and we want to minister to you.

Where do I go if I want to pray with someone?
The prayer team waits at the back of the sanctuary after each service to pray with people. Please come to the back corner (next to the big window) after the congregation has been excused, and one of the team members will be happy to pray with you. If you have a prayer need but don’t want to pray one-on-one with someone, you can leave your request in the box behind the information counter, or click here to submit it electronically.

How did His Place begin?
Our history goes back to 1983, when 21-year-old Bruce Wersen merged his college group with an adult Bible study led by his father, Larry Wersen. This new group met in a storage building (now the Ark) at Larry’s auto wrecking yard. Within two weeks, 85 people were attending “His Place Christian Fellowship.”

Larry served as senior pastor, while Bruce continued leading the youth and soon became the church’s administrator as well. Soon after, His Place affiliated with a denomination and “His Place Foursquare Church” was born.

In 1986 a new sanctuary was completed, and construction of the Ark began in 1988. Nine years later, Pastor Larry retired and Bruce was asked to fill his father’s role as senior pastor.

In 2000, the congregation completed its current, expanded sanctuary, and in 2002 changed its name to “His Place Community Church” in an effort to communicate more clearly with the unchurched.

In 2004, His Place became an independent charismatic evangelical church, with a new emphasis on the teaching that God’s Spirit fully indwells (baptizes) at salvation and is evidenced by growth in the fruit of His Spirit.

What does His Place believe?
His Place is a Bible-believing, Christian church. Click here for a list of what we believe.

How big is His Place?
Currently, about 3,000 people call His Place their church home, and our average Sunday attendance is approximately 1,500. Although a large church offers many benefits, there are aspects of accountability, fellowship, support, and personal growth that simply cannot be experienced in a weekly congregational setting. We encourage church attendees to become involved in small groups and ministries as “entry points” to building authentic relationship with one another.