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Announcements, Sign-up Tables, and Flyers


Bulletin Announcements

A Bulletin Announcement Guideline form must be completed by the person placing the announcement. The information should be organized in order of importance which will assist in editing for length without compromising content.

Forms must be submitted with complete information (use form checklist) to the church office no later than 5 days prior to the requested publication date.

Repeating announcements
An announcement may be repeated a maximum of 3 consecutive weeks, depending on space availability.

Announcements that are cyclical (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) must be resubmitted on a new form each time with updated information.


Platform Announcements

“Platform announcements” are short presentations given up front during Sunday service by someone other than the pastor. They may be brief introductions to a promotional clip or PowerPoint for an upcoming event or program, or just a brief invitation.  

A Platform Announcement Request form must be completed and submitted well in advance. Opportunities for these announcements are very limited for Sunday mornings and numerous announcement requirements must be met as indicated in the “Platform Announcement Request” form.

Verbal ‘reminders’ will be given by the pastor at the end of service, when appropriate.


Sign-up Tables

A Sign-up Table Request from must be completed and submitted to the office no later than 5 days prior to the requested sign-up table date. However, since reservations fill quickly, submitting your request at least 4 weeks in advance is recommended.

Sign-up sheets, forms, flyers, and other handouts
Sign-up sheets to capture registration or volunteer information will be created by His Place staff. Please indicate your need for such sign-up sheets on your Sign-up Table request form.

Forms from organizations (such as A Weekend to Remember by Family Life) that provide their own registration forms may be used instead. Please provide a sample copy for approval at least 5 working days prior to use.

All handouts, flyers, and any other forms to be made available at the table must be pre-approved well in advance by the church office.

Forms and registrations related to financial support opportunities are not permitted at the sign-up tables.

The ministry or group organizing the sign-ups must schedule an appropriate number of table attendants for each service.  A minimum of two are necessary when funds will be collected.

Potential participants should feel welcomed as they approach your table out of personal interest and should not be pressured into participation. Sign-up attendants may not canvass the fellowship area for participation.

Receiving payments

  • Checks are to be made out to “His Place”.
  • An envelope with change will be provided for you. Keep all checks, cash and credit card slips in this envelope and attended to at all times.
  • Secure funds with office staff when sales conclude. You will likely be asked to assist in counting the contents.
  • Receipts should be given for cash payments. (Receipt books are available in the office.)

Posters and table decorations are recommended as they draw attention to your table. Such decorations must be in place before first service begins.



Bulletin Announcement Request

Platform Announcement Request

Sign-up Table Request