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Links for Bible Study and Christianity

A good online resource for studying the Bible.

Christianity Today
The website for Christianity Today magazine and all of its partner magazines, this useful site has many articles covering various aspect of Christian living.

Lee Strobel: Investigating Faith
Lee Strobel, author of “The Case for Christ,” has created a website that’s full of resources for investigating the claims and beliefs of Christianity.

Stand to Reason
This is another good apologetics site. It is dedicated to equipping believers to think clearly and defend their faith.

Christian Research Institute
A good resource for questions about Christianity and other religions, but (contrary to its purpose statement), it is a little hard to navigate.

Reasons to Believe
Hugh Ross’ website, which does a very good job of discussing issues of science and the Bible, especially regarding the earth’s creation. Hugh Ross is an “Old Earth Creationist.”

The Creation Research Society
Answers in Genesis
These websites also deal with the earth’s creation, but from the “Young Earth” perspective.

Christian Book Distributors
This is great source for Christian resources.

Another great source for Christian books and materials.


Links for Ministries

Operation Christmas Child
Each year, His Place families participate in the Operation Christmas Child program. We send Christmas gifts to bless children in needy parts of the world, and to demonstrate the love of Christ.

American Veterans Traveling Tribute
A 4/5 scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, “The Wall” (as is it popularly called) is a ministry of His Place members Norm & Kathy Bergsma and Steve & Shirley Doty. It has seen countless veterans find healing and salvation in Christ.

Healing Hearts
Do you have pain, shame, or guilt from an abortion in your past? Healing Hearts provides resources, along with confidential one to one e-mail and support group counseling to anyone suffering from the effects of an abortion. All contact is confidential.

Living Proof Ministries
Beth Moore material and events. Beth is a teacher and author of numerous in-depth ladies’ Bible studies; many have been used here at His Place.

Pregnancy Choices
Pregnancy Choices is a Christian-based ministry, supported by His Place, reaching out to women with unplanned pregnancies.


Links for Marriage and Families

Real Relationships
Seminars and materials by Les and Leslie Parrott, for developing healthy marriages and relationships.

America’s Family Coaches
Christian marriage experts Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg materials and events for couples.

Marriage Builders
Christian marriage materials & events


Miscellaneous Links
The Dove Foundation provides reviews of current and past movies, with content ratings to help families decide the appropriateness of each film.

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment
This site provides a Christian perspective on current and past movies, rating their morality and filmmaking quality. A full review, summarizing the plot and raising moral and spiritual issues, is followed by viewer comments (both positive and negative), and comments from young viewers. They also have TV and video game sections, with reviews and opinions submitted by site visitors.