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Podcast FAQ’s

What is a podcast?
Podcasting is a method of automatically distributing audio content over the Internet. The word “podcasting” is a mix of the words “iPod” (Apple’s portable mp3 player) and “broadcasting.”

How much does it cost?
His Place podcasts are free.

Do I need an iPod to subscribe and listen?
No. You only need a computer with an Internet connection and “podcatching” software (see next question). Several other portable mp3 players can also be used for listening to the podcast.

What software do I need?
Apple’s iTunes is the most popular program for downloading and listening to podcasts. Click here to download iTunes for free. Other free “podcatching” software includes Juice and HermesPod. Click here for a list and comparison of many other types of podcatching software.

How do I subscribe?
Subscribe to the His Place podcast using one of the buttons below, or copy and paste the following address (URL) into the appropriate box in your podcatching software:

Click this button to subscribe if you have iTunes installed

Click this button to subscribe if you have Zune Marketplace installed

What if I just want to listen, without subscribing?
On the podcast page “Audio archive,” find the message you want in the archive section, then click on “Listen Now.” Or, you can use the “Download mp3” link to save the file to your computer and listen to it through audio player software, such as Windows Media Player (included with Windows) or WinAmp.

When will new messages be available?
Updates will be available weekly, usually by the following Wednesday.

Why does nothing happen when I click on the iTunes button?
You must first install the free iTunes software, available here.